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Would-be members join the Group as associates for a small annual fee (at present £10 and payable at joining and then annually in January) -  please note that the fee taken for joining in November or December will cover the following year) .  

On joining associate members are allocated a personal voluntary tutor. The training is free to associates, who use their own vehicles, which must be road legal and fully insured.  

Please note that there may be some additional expenses charges incurred by the tutor which also would be payable, e.g. motorcyclists pay a charge to cover the running costs of the tutor bikes.

To join, get in touch with one of the contacts, or fill in the membership application form and send with your subscription to the address provided on the form.

Membership Form 

*All new members will receive a subsidy when purchasing a copy of Roadcraft & Highway Code publications with the group

* following initial assessment ride