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About us

In 1997, West Wales was a RoADAR 'desert' - there was no group west of Cardiff. So John Davies, a Silver member who was Safety Officer at Swansea University, contacted H.Q. with a view to forming a RoSPA group after a previous attempt had foundered.

H.Q. asked two local Gold members if they'd attend an inaugural meeting at the University and be the Group's Observers. There was a full house and most people opted for tuition but only one Observer was able to give the necessary time to the new group. Bernard Murphy was one of the first pupils to take the Test and passed with Gold at his first attempt, never relinquishing it. He is our Publicity Officer and an Approved Tutor. He and Ivor Evans, the Observer, are the only members of the 1997 group who remain. With another Gold member they nursed the group through a few famished years, when "very keen" drivers dropped out.

Membership continued and in 2004, Norman Anthony, Treasurer, and Norman Sleep attended and joined, becoming Approved Tutors which gave us more people to share the tuition and administration. The group continued to flouris.

But - In 2008 - The Bikers happened.

Russell Widlake was an Assessor with 'BikeSafe'. He joined us and soon revitalised the group, attracting a number of 'BikeSafe' riders to us.

Of the ten motorcycle Tutors, five are Advanced Tutors, and many are 'BikeSafe' Assessors; a tribute to their efforts and commitment. Assessors, who wear high-visibility jackets with the "BikeSafe" logo, must be RoADAR Gold riders and are examined every year.

Recent enquiries from the Blood Riders group promise a further increase in membership when they join us to enhance their skills through RoADAR Advanced Training.

We have close links with the South Wales Police Force.

All of us involved in Advanced Riding and Driving should acknowledge the importance of the contribution to Road Safety of all the Associates studying and practising to pass an Advanced Driving or Riding test.

South West Wales RoADAR is an energetic and effective influence, promoting Road Safety and improving the standard of riding and driving in the South Wales area. The future is bright.